Our Story

FOXWERX was founded in 2022 with a very simple and specific goal: to remove the obstacles the founder would have to overcome in order to separate smoothly from military service without the government forcibly holding his hand through a needlessly pandering retirement program.
Only mostly kidding.
In all seriousness, FOXWERX came about when a supplier of retirement/transfer gifts decided to go incommunicado, leaving a somewhat emergent void behind. Our founder stepped up to the plate and decided to fill said void, and in doing so fulfilled a prophecy that had been set in motion nearly two decades prior.
We're proud to offer our services to you with the qualities most commonly attributed to our namesake: cunning, tenacity, and fierce determination. From the start of your project through its conclusion, we'll make sure that you're kept in the loop every step of the way.
It's true: we do offer an eclectic range of products and services, but that's because we have a firm belief in the concept of self-sufficiency. And what better way to be self-sufficient than having a diverse portfolio of things?
The bottom line is that we believe customer service is sacred, and we'll make sure you're properly cared for.